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There is a lot of activity out there! How to find the good aftermarket stuff in the vast social media jungle? We try hard to find it for you, but also welcome any tips from you using Contribute section.

We continuously scan social media for relevant aftermarket stuff. Social media is open, and the content quality varies a lot. We leave it to you to judge what you find relevant.

LinkedIn is the most active media for aftermarket subjects.  Please note that some of the media require an account to be created, unless you already have one.

The definition of “fast services” has developed in Formula One…

To you believe the speed and efficiency of your services is so great that not much will happen the next few decades?

Then watch this video! It is striking how our perception of […]

Service-In-Industry blog

At this website/blog, a team of experienced aftermarket/service experts publish articles on various subjects.


Categories includes:

Asset Management & Smart Maintenance
Companies & Markets
Customer Experience
IoT, Technology and Digitization

Experts discuss: What IoT (Internet of Things) means to service and product development?

Have you heard enough of the word “smart” when it comes to product design? It’s thrown around a lot: smart machines, homes, and cities, where smart cars solve transportation problems. […]

Field Service News: Industry Interview – Giles Margerison, TomTom Telematics

Field Service News speaks to TomTom Telematics Director Giles Margerison about the challenges Field Service organisations are facing today, what tools field service managers are able to employ to overcome […]

Interview with Dave Gordon of Rolls Royce

Interested in case studies about Service Transformation? This interview by Frank-Partners with Rolls Royce Defence VP Dave Gordon may interest you.

The Service Council, Field Service and Service Management Best Practices

The Service Council is a consortium of Field Service Experts aimed at creating an ongoing learning environment for Global Service Executives to gather and validate their ongoing strategies focusing on […]

Spare parts Europe

Spare parts Europe
Spare Parts Business Platform is focused how to optimize inventory management to lower costs of spare parts logistics, and benchmark on pricing strategies to have a profitable spare […]

Spare Parts and Accessories – Marketing & Sales

Spare Parts and Accessories – Marketing & Sales
Share and discuss ideas about parts and accessories marketing & sales: products, pricing, promotions, distribution, quality, advertisement, incentive campaigns, sales force and other […]

Service Management 2.0

Service Management 2.0 is a discussion forum for those actively engaged in the field service sector to network and extend their list of contacts. Field and customer service managers and […]

Global Aftermarket Parts

Global Afermarket Parts is a moderated group for aftermarket parts professionals from around the world to exchange idea, interact, and make new connections. Discuss emerging trends, solve challenges, and ask […]

Field Service Society

Field Service Society is an informal networking group of professionals who are active or interested in Field Service. The main goal is to share thoughts, knowledge, ideas and to dicuss […]

Aftermarket Europe Group

Aftermarket Europe Group is a LinkedIn network for you who are a part of the Aftermarket Europe Network. Take this oppotunity to find your peers and continue your networking!

Visit […]

After Sales Service Group

The After-Sales Service Group (ASSG) is a network of professionals dedicated to Warranty & Service Management and Spare Parts Logistics. ASSG’s main purpose is to present a networking and training […]

Bill Pollock service blog

Bill Pollock is President of Strategies For Growth℠, a research analyst and advisory consulting firm based in Westtown, Pennsylvania USA. In this role Bill has consulted to more than 300 […]

A 3 minute video introduction to “servitization”

This short video offers a basic introduction to the basic concept of servitization.

A good starting point for those not familiar with the word and the concept.

And a pretty sweet video! You […]

Maximize Revenue with Strategic Parts Pricing

Finding the optimal price point for every service part in your portfolio has never been more critical to your profit margins and revenues. In this video, PTC’s Jon Utterback explains […]

Best in Class Warranty and Contract Management Actions to Drive Revenue – PTC

Best in Class Warranty and Contract Management Actions to Drive Revenue – PTC

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

An introduction to what servitization means to product manufacturers

An introduction to what servitization means to product manufacturers, by Prof Tim Baines, Aston Business School, UK

Tim Baines, Professor of Operations Strategy, delivers an insight into how manufacturing companies can […]

The State of Service Management

The transformation of service continues and is no longer just about delivering support, but more about achieving a true understanding of customer’s needs and delivering service to improve the overall […]

Service Strategy For Executives: An Analyst’s Perspective

Sumair Dutta, Aberdeen Group’s Service Management Research Director, shares his insights on how executives are addressing their top business pressures around productivity, mobility and profitability to drive greater value and […]

Fixing First-Time Fix to Repair Field Service Efficiency and Enhance Customer Returns

First-time fix is one of the most vital metrics for evaluating field service performance. Watch Aberdeen’s Sumair Dutta provide insight on what Best-in-Class service organizations are doing to improve first-time […]

People and Parts Linked Together to Solve Customer Issues

Aberdeen’s Aly Pinder highlights what top-performing service organizations are doing to link service parts with field service to fix customer issues the first time.

Click here to watch it directly on YouTube […]


In this blog Managementors of UK, posts their views on management in general and service management in particular.

Visit the blog here.

World Class Service and aftersales

World Class Service and aftersales

This is a group for managers with experience, interest, and good ideas to world class service and after sales.

Global After-Sales Professionals

Global After-Sales Professionals

Professional Group

Reverse Logistics Group

Reverse Logistics Group

This is a group for those interested in best practice in Reverse Logistics/Returns and how this function can enable competitive advantage. Covering topics such as: Improving stock turn/utilisation, […]

Aftermarket Europe

For professionals interested in developing the aftermarket of manufacturing and automotive, OEMs, component manufacturers and application providers. The group is intended for discussions, news and networking. The intention of the […]

Aftermarket Forum

The group was started to Benchmark and share best practice within the Industrial Machinery market. Our primary focus is to increase awareness of what leading companies are doing within the […]

Reverse Logistics Association

Reverse Logistics Association

The RLA was formed to: – Support third party service providers (3PSPs) – Educate OEMs & Retailers on why they need to outsource their RL – Enable Private […]

How to make customers listening to or reading even the most boring stuff

Do you fly often? If yes, do you really listen to the safety demonstrations?  Now you will!

What about your customers, do they really listen to your “boring but important” stuff? […]

Learn more about how 3D metalprinting works

This video shows step-by-step how complex metal parts can be produced using 3D printers. This process, often called Additive Manufacturing, is not science fiction anymore. It is used not only […]

Recorded Webinar by Syncron: Optimized Planning of Repairable Parts Inventory

Abstract by Syncron: The MRO supply chain planning process that controls the flow of repairable parts is more complex and challenging than planning consumable parts.

In this video of our webinar, […]

Recorded Webinar by Syncron: 5 Steps to Value Based Pricing for Service Parts

Abstract by Syncron :This webinar targets the profit potential in a Value Based Pricing methodology for spare parts (service parts).

Click here to view on YouTube

The European Pricing Blog

A blog for pricing and profit optimisation decision makers – an initiative of the European Pricing Platform

Click here to get to the blog.


A blog about value based pricing for both service agreements and parts, published by Fabio Cicalini of SPMG.

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