Articles related to the aftermarket industry

Development of product-service systems: challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing firm

Product-Service Systems (PSS) raise interesting opportunities for the manufacturing firm as the function is provided to meet customer needs rather than the physical hardware itself. PSS offerings based on the […]

The design of functional (total care) products

Total Care Products (Functional Products) are integrated systems comprising hardware and support services. The Functional Product supplier provides all the support systems that are required to keep the hardware operable. […]

Inventory Management from an aftermarket perspective

This master thesis has been written on behalf of ABB Operation Center SE in Västerås. It is the last step of the master program in engineering – Innovation, Production and […]

Mastering the Transition to Product-Service Provision

Mastering the Transition to Product-Service Provision: Insights into Business Models, Learning Activities, and Capabilities


This major study, published in May 2014, gives a good overview on how a large number of […]

Internetworked after-sales service


Firms, even ones in relatively heavy industries, seem to be moving in a direction in which information technology (IT) is becoming more and more integrated into their organizations. This paper […]

Configuring the after-sales service supply chain: A multiple case study


After-sales service in firms manufacturing and selling durable goods has a strategic relevance in its potential contribution to company profitability, customer retention and product development. This paper addresses the configuration […]

A framework for the configuration of after-sales service processes


In the competitive world of industrial goods, where products are getting commoditised and profit margins are cut down, the search for new business opportunities also encompasses the provision of a […]

After-sales service – necessary evil or strategic opportunity?


In response to questions about how to provide the correct level of after sales service in the face of shifting customer needs and expectations, SLC Consultants, Inc. has developed an […]

Decision support tools for measuring and controlling After-Sales service performance


Companies have progressively realised that complementing industrial goods with the provision of value added services can be an important lever to prosper on those markets affected by weak demand, hard […]

Adapting manufacturing strategy to industrial after-sales service operations


This dissertation is initiated from an increased awareness within industry of the importance of services in general and of after-sales services in particular. The scope of this research is to […]