Author/s: Michael W. McLaughlin
Language: English
Year: 2009

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In recent years, professional services providers have had to rethink their sales strategies because so many of their tried-and-true approaches no longer work. Clients ask tougher questions and demand better answers. They expect to guide the sales process, and they insist that services providers customize proposals and presentations down to the last detail. They won’t tolerate false sincerity, artificial deadlines, and preprogrammed sales strategies.

Instead, clients want more certainty about potential results before they commit their resources. Being a good salesperson is no longer enough. You must draw clients to you with your ideas, rather than chase them with outdated sales tactics. You must also identify clients’ real problems, persuasively advocate for change, and effectively manage complex sales.

Whether your company sells business services or legal advice, outsourcing solutions, or management consulting, Winning the Professional Services Sale is the ideal guide for anyone who wants to close more profitable sales on a consistent basis. It presents a flexible, dynamic sales framework that suits the needs of the most demanding clients. It’s an effective way to organize a client-specific strategy that leads to the sales you want—no matter what services you sell or who you sell them to.

Once you master Michael McLaughlin’s innovative sales strategies, you’ll learn to connect with clients, collaborate on fulfilling their needs, and commit to getting the job done. Rather than a salesperson, you’ll become a business partner. Because of the strength of your ideas and the depth of your relationships, you’ll be the first one who comes to mind when your clients need help.

In today’s professional services sales, your interests and those of your clients are inseparable. Now more than ever, your clients are the ones calling the shots. With Winning the Professional Services Sale, you’ll learn to give them exactly what they want—and take your business to profitable new heights.