What IoT (Internet of Things) means to service and product development?

Have you heard enough of the word “smart” when it comes to product design? It’s thrown around a lot: smart machines, homes, and cities, where smart cars solve transportation problems. Even the tires are smart, as is shown in this TV-report.

Well, you’re going to hear more about IoT and smart products, especially if you support a PLM or ERP environment for product development. “It’s the way of the future and it’s the Internet of Things (IoT) that is the catalyst for this smart revolution,” asserts Ericsson’s IoT “guru”, Jan Höller.

So what is the role of ERP and PLM in this context? And how will the transition to smart connected devices impact the product realization, distribution and service processes?

ENGINEERING.com’s PLM TV-team interviewed a number of the leading technology developers in the IoT area. In this report you’ll hear more from Ericsson’s Höller, Dassault’s Bernard Charles and PTC’s Jim Heppelmann, as well as SAP’s Shekhar Iyer and IFS’ Alastair Sorbie and the academic servitization authority, professor Tim Baines at British Aston University Business School.

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