Supply Chain Management System by Syncron

Do you think your supply chain can be improved, but your ERP system, homegrown solution or spreadsheet tools are too hard to work with? No matter what ERP system a company run, there is always the option to add an independent supply chain management software. There are many suppliers, but only a few with a very well proven global track record specifically for aftermarket applications. Syncron is one of them.

The service part industry planning unique challenges:

  • a very high number of SKU’s
  • high variability of the parts portfolio in term of volume and demand patterns
  • long lifecycles
  • complex warehouse-stocking decisions across all warehouses
  • dynamic distribution networks, horizontal moves and remanufacturing processes

Supply chain software can be used to take control of and optimize global inventory management, global order management, global price management and master data management.  They can be used for both office and mobile users, from the supply chain director to the field technician.

Imagine that all persons in the chain, which may also include customers and suppliers, have instant access to relevant information such as inventory on hand and backorders, service levels, stock turnover, recommended replenishment and redistribution orders, demand pattern and forecasts per SKU, and much more.

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