Logistics and Supply Chain Management (4th Edition) (Financial Times Series)

Author/s: Martin Christopher
Language: English
Year: 2011

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Effective development and management of a supply chain network is an invaluable source of sustainable advantage in today’s turbulent global marketplace, where demand is difficult to predict and supply chains need to be more flexible as a result.

This updated 4th edition of the bestselling Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a clear-headed guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains, including:

  • The link between logistics and customer value.
  • Logistics and the bottom line measuring costs and performance.
  • Creating a responsive supply chain.
  • Managing the global pipeline.
  • Managing supply chain relationships.
  • Managing risk in the supply chain.
  • Matching supply and demand.
  • Creating a sustainable supply chain.
  • Product design in the supply chain.