What tools do you use for your digital communication with customers?

Sending a message to your customers through an e-mail is not as simple as it seems, at least not if you want to ensure they actually read and understand the content. Not to mention if you want to start a dialogue. There are a high number of technical, cultural, practical and safety barriers to break through.

E-mail Campaigns, Bulletins, Newsletters and surveys  should be seen as much more than just one-way information or a way to sell products – they should be a tactical, integrated part of your market communication.

They should be used to strengthen your brand and your customer relations.  Efficient tools are available, and are quite commonly used in mid- and large-sized companies, especially for communication around new Products. But for the aftermarket they are less common, in spite the fact that aftermarket customers are often loyal and long-term and definitely worth building relationships with.

Newsletters is just one e-mail based tool which can be used to keep in contact. Online surveys, special events  and service bulletins are others that are easy to arrange with modern tools provided by real experts.

Apsis is a market-leading email service provider, largest in the Nordic countries.

They develop software and systems that help you use email and other digital marketing channels to communicate and sell more effectively. By using tools like provided by APSIS, you can reach the full potential of your email marketing program. It is more about communicaton, design skills and understanding reader behaviour than just provding a software.

Learn more about Apsis at www.apsis.com (multi language site)