Author/s: Thomas Lah, Steve O’Connor & Mitchel Peterson
Language: English
Year: 2002

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How to build a winning professional services organization.

Companies worldwide are discovering outstanding growth opportunities in professional services-but building professional services organizations at “product-centric” firms can be extremely challenging. Now, three leading experts present a comprehensive guide to creating professional services organizations, managing them to maturity, and delivering both quality services and superior margins. Building Professional Services introduces a complete, practical framework for delivering the full spectrum of professional services—from support and education services to managed, consulting, and productized services.

  • Managing the professional services business at every stage of its lifecycle
  • Focusing on the key factors that drive success: revenue, references, and repeatability
  • Responding to the unique challenges faced by professional services in product-based companies
  • Aligning services with the rest of the organization
  • Establishing effective metrics and business review processes
  • The four phases of building a successful professional services organization
  • Frameworks for organization, project delivery, solutions development, and operational infrastructure
  • Customer engagement models and workflows

Drawing on their experience working with leading technology service providers, the authors cover every aspect of professional services: strategy, tactics, and operations. From financial models to customer relationships, Building Professional Services will help you transform the promise of services into a profitable reality.

“I can’t imagine anyone starting a professional services organization without first referencing this work.”

—Dave Nestic,

President, NezTech Corporation

“This book is a significant contribution and a practical guide to a fast-evolving frontier. With clearly expressed views and recommendations, it will stimulate both thought and action.”

—David H. Maister, co-author of First Among Equals