After the Sale: How to Manage Product Service for Customer Satisfaction and Profit

Author/s: Joseph D., Jr. Patton & William H. Bleuel
Language: English
Year: 2000

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$700 Billion per year is the estimated annual value of product service on high-technology equipment in the near future.

For many companies, Product service is far more profitable than the manufacturing of the original capital goods. (The hardware maintenance marketplace continues to grow at over 5% per year and related professional services are growing even faster.)

After the Sale is intended to guide persons who need to improve their knowledge of how to better manage their product service business. A wise commentator once remarked that the real selling is done after the product is delivered! Satisfied customers and profits are usually supporting, but sometimes conflicting goals.Zero defections becomes even more important than zero defects. Joe Patton and Bill Bleuel have built After the Sale on the foundation of three successful editions of their classic work Service Management: Principles and Practices. Based on their recent studies, many new and proven concepts have emerged to enhance the quality and profitability of your service.

As with the earlier editions, this book will be valued by service managers as well as most other key personnel in an organization. It is even used as a college text and as a foundation for adult education in business. After the Sale brings product service to a new level of sophistication and excellence.