Welcome to the Aftermarket Guide

About the AftermarketGuide:

This is a know-how portal for aftermarket professionals.  Are you involved in the aftermarket / after sales service business either as an OEM, a service provider or a customer ?  Then you’ll find a lot of tips on how to improve your operation and business.

You can easily access a wide  range of information from thousands of sources like universities, magazines and bookstores, all screened for relevance by aftermarket experts. Feel free to use it to keep up-to-date, get inspired and develop your business.

The AftermarketGuide helps the readers to develop their business by providing facts, facilitate discussions and give inspiration.

Readers can be found among:

  • Manufacturers of equipment (OEM’s) offering aftermarket services
  • Service companies
  • Suppliers of hardware and software tools and services aimed at supporting aftermarket operations
  • Companies offering relevant training courses, seminars and conferences

When we say Aftermarket we mean the market for providing spare parts, maintenance, services, upgrades, modernisations, overhaul and training for a certain product or system. Most information on the site is applicable for a wide range of industries and applications. Aftermarket is also called after sales, after sales services or just service business

Who is behind it?

The AftermarketGuide is run by Naviro Consulting AB, a Swedish management consultancy company specialised in aftermarket business development. Our management has long own operative experience from both small and large companies, acting both locally and globally.

About responsibility and copyright related to the information:

This Guide serves as a portal or gateway to information published elsewhere, the only exception being the Editorials written by our team. All-though we try to judge the quality and relevance of all material, please note that we cannot take any responsibility for it as we are not the original author and source. As we provide a wide range of information from a variety of sources, all is not applicable to all readers, and some could even be unsuitable for certain readers and situations/applications.

In order to not violate any copyrights linked to the original material, we only provide abstracts and then link to the original source. The original source is always visible through the link description or by simply visiting the source.

We truly hope you will find this guide useful. Please feel free to contribute with information or tips, also remember to sign up for the newsletter.


Bernt Gunnarson