“As a customer support agent, you have a lot of people talking to you. I’d understand if you didn’t want your appliances talking to you too.

Talking appliances is what a lot of people think of when they think about the Internet of Things (IoT). But there’s more to the IoT than a toaster that’s too smart for its own good, and it can even be helpful to customer support.

But what if you as a customer support agent could get a warning before a malfunction happened, and pro-actively reach out to the customer with an offer to repair or replace? What if you could do that for every customer?

The IoT creates “the world’s largest focus group,”. Having accurate, empirical, real-time data on your customers’ behavior, along with your products and services’ actual performance means you can use that data to improve your products and services and delight your customers. In a world where customer loyalty has such a massive impact on revenue, this can make or break a business, and will be a major point of differentiation going forward.

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